Drivers will be able to learn their insurance history via the Internet.

Very soon, the emergency history of each driver will be stored in a separate database. According to the autoinstructors , since August, insurance companies will transfer data on drivers to the insurance history bureau.

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Insurers have long said that accidental history of motorists will be stored in a database, and everyone can see their history. Finally, this project begins to materialize. Driving instructors say that now the car owner can check at any time how reliably and correctly his insurer has led and is keeping his insurance history.

The database will be called “automated information system of the insurance history bureau” or AIS BSI. There will be information about insurance claims for insurance .

It is from these data that the discounts and insurance costs will be calculated. For some, the price of the policy will be low, and for someone, on the contrary, high. And it will depend on a positive / negative accident history . Naturally, few people want to take a client under their wing with three or more insurance claims per year.

New base

The new system presents itself as a single base, where there will be information on all insurance contracts, obtained not only from insurance companies that are part of the PCA, but also from those who work only on voluntary types of insurance.

Aleksey Mertsalov was appointed the head of the insurance history department, who previously held the position of deputy head of the Europrotocol office . It is this new management that will regulate AIS BSI.

Now the system is actively tested by insurers. Already 69 companies work with it, but their number is growing every day.

When will the base start working?

It should be understood that from August 1, insurers will only begin loading the necessary information into the database. Unfortunately, to use the system until it works.

According to RSA, a procedure is currently being developed to provide data from the LRI for voluntary types of insurance. Thus, the exact date when drivers will be able to enter the database is still unknown.

August 1 will begin downloading information only on new contracts. But the old policies, purchased before August 1, will not go there. That the base has replenished, and at least something has accumulated in it, it takes time, of course.

However, it is worth understanding the difference between MTPL and voluntary insurance. In the case of CTP, all information on accidents is reflected in the so-called bonus-malus (coefficient that is given to the driver for a trouble-free ride for a year). The value of this ratio car owner can look at a special service site of the Russian Union of Insurers. To do this, enter personal data (name and date of birth), as well as the driver’s license number.

One caveat: the history of voluntary insurance will not affect in any way the history of CTP.

On a note

In addition to the insurance history of the car owner will be able to find information about the damage to vehicles that have been in an accident.

To do this, go to the appropriate section on the portal “AutoCode”, where there is information about the accident, again presented by insurers.

To find all these data, you must enter the VIN number of the car or its registration number , as well as the certificate number on the car.

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