Rating of insurance companies

When you become the owner of a brand new foreign car or a less expensive domestic car, it is time to think about how not to lose money invested in property overnight. MTPL and DSCPL insurance protects only foreign cars. But if as a result of an accident, illegal actions of a third party or after a natural disaster, your vehicle suffers, only the insurance policy will help to compensate for the losses.

It is known that the cost of a hull insurance is not comparable with the price of a CTP policy, according to which the victim can receive only the amount limited by law, not more than 120 thousand per vehicle. Hull will cover any damage, including the full cost of the vehicle in case of theft. Being a voluntary type of insurance, insurance is issued in different companies according to individual conditions adopted only in this particular company. Therefore, the cost of the policy from insurers varies significantly. For one and the same car, you can pay a completely exorbitant amount in one company, and another cost two to three times less in the other.

As in the case of the compulsory autocitizen, the value of the hull insurance can be found out using the hull calculator . It only remains to decide whom you entrust to insure your “iron friend”. The main thing is not to be mistaken, because by paying an unscrupulous insurer, even if it is not a very large amount, you risk not only parting with it forever, but not getting anything, if God forbid, something will happen to your car.

Insurance companies

The rating of insurance companies published on the Internet will help you to find out how solvent and reliable a company is . Having carefully studied the “list of names”, you will learn that there are companies with the letter A ++, which means that the SC has an extremely high reliability. Letter A + will tell you about a very high reliability, the letter A without pluses will mean that the SC is just reliable. It is better not to consider insurance companies that are in the “tail” of the rating, despite the fact that they may have appeared on the insurance market not long ago and simply have not gained enough weight yet. Now you can safely choose.

A large company with a high rating is unlikely to order to live long in the coming year, it is safe to put money into it. The case will remain for the small: to get to know more closely the terms of comprehensive insurance that it offers to customers and which are also of considerable importance. Of course, you can look at the company’s website and try to figure out what and under what conditions it offers. But it is better to talk directly with managers or agents. Thus, you will not only be able to ask all your questions, put everything on the shelves, but also get an idea how the company works with customers, how fully its employees present information, whether they are trying to circumvent the pitfalls and cheat. Often the impression of personal communication is the most correct and allows you to conclude a full-fledged,

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