Auto insurance

Today, auto insurance is a huge advantage for vehicle owners, which is not in the slightest doubt. No matter who the insurer is: a simple citizen or a large taxi fleet, the truth is that car insurance saves you a lot of trouble and minimizes financial risks.

The situation on the road is unpredictable. Police reports are full of reports of accidents. Incidents on the roads continue to collect their sad “harvest”: injured pedestrians, drivers and passengers, mutilated cars, broken road barriers …

Moreover, partial damage or even loss of a vehicle is far from the only trouble for a car owner who does not have an auto insurance policy. If it turns out that he is the one who is guilty of an accident, it is impossible to avoid unpleasant and burdensome moments related to compensation for damage to the opposite party. How here with contrition not to recall auto insurance!

But timely car insurance is a real lifesaver for both parties: the guilty and the injured.

Damage to the vehicle owner may also be caused by a natural disaster or unlawful acts of intruders. Therefore, today few people need additional arguments in favor of auto insurance.

Auto Insurance: Legislation

In the Russian Federation, questions on auto insurance are regulated by a number of legislative acts.

Firstly, it is the Federal Law on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners from 04/03/2002. This document clearly regulates the organizational and economic aspects of compulsory insurance of the so-called. civil liability of vehicle owners.

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation also pays serious attention to issues related to car insurance (Chapter 48. Insurance, Art. 927. Voluntary and compulsory insurance). Other legislative acts regulating insurance issues in general (and auto insurance, in particular) are the Law of the American on Insurance Activity

Auto Insurance: Types

Today, there is a fairly wide range of car insurance products, and the most common of their types are insurance

Despite the fact that for many of us car insurance is not an easy procedure at all, there is nothing complicated here. An auto insurance contract concluded in a specialized company is beneficial to both the private car owner and the owner of his own company, since the first one guarantees peace of mind, the second one – stability of the business. And the damage caused to his or someone else’s vehicle will not impose a heavy burden on them — the insurer who has entered into an auto insurance contract will take the payment.

Although the presence of an insurance policy of CTP and is a mandatory requirement, it has nothing to do with the banal “coercion.” This is a logical, fully and fully justified government measure.  insurance is different from  insurance in that the latter is a completely voluntary type of car insurance. If absolutely all vehicles registered on the territory of the Russian Federation fall under the OSAGO requirements, then auto insurance for hull insurance is made by the car owner at will. However, the desire in this case is akin to necessity. Car insurance against various types of risks (both from all together and separately) is preferred today by an increasing number of vehicle owners.

Car Insurance: Pros and Cons

Auto insurance has a number of obvious advantages. Moreover: in cases when the car is not just a means of transportation, but a tool for business, the insurance policy removes the negative impact of an unresolved accident in the shortest possible time, possible theft, natural disasters. Auto insurance – one of the most important elements of the normal development of the enterprise.

Many motorists who have made car insurance for OSAGO and KASKO, have already felt from their own experience all the advantages of this. They are, in fact, not afraid of the machinations of scammers who artificially create emergency situations (the calculation under criminal pressure right on the spot is a thing of the past).

And if the accident still occurred – all concerns fall on the shoulders of the insurance company. Owners of vehicles with car insurance policies are free from the need to make calculations and argue due to the size of the damage. Specialists of the company-insurer will resolve the problem and recover the damage.

The only, in our opinion, lack of auto insurance in hull insurance may be so-called. the pitfalls of the contract itself, which in certain agreed cases does not provide for the payment of compensation. In order to avoid such a prospect for yourself, it is better to pre-show the auto insurance contract to an experienced lawyer.

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