Insurance registration in case of an accident

When the company-insurer issues a insurance policy to the driver , special documents are also issued along with the policy for use in the event of an accident. By means of the filled-in forms, the insurance damage to the party injured in the accident is considered and issued. Much depends on the correctness of filling out the forms, so driving instructors advise you to be extremely attentive to this procedure, regardless of whether you are the culprit or the victim of a traffic accident.

Correct filling of the insurance policy

The form to be filled in in case of an accident or “Accident Notification” contains two parts. It must be filled very carefully, preferably with a ballpoint pen, so that the data on the front side matches the information on the back side. According to the law, when an accident occurs, one form for two vehicles is filled. All available notice points are subject to filling, after the filling procedure, two identically filled parts of the document should be obtained, one of which is taken to the insurer, and the other is on hand.

It is also important to remember that all data is recorded directly in the event of an accident.

Participants in a traffic accident must enter information about their cars in one of the columns and then fill in only one selected column each. On the front side, the place and time of the accident , the necessary data on the cars and their owners, witnesses, insurers, the nature of the damage, the accident conditions and other information are indicated.

Important points when filling in insurance

There are several important points, the incorrect completion of which may entail an incorrect calculation of the damage or the insurer’s disagreement with the compensation of damage. Remember that data will be checked extremely and thoroughly. Therefore, when filling out these items, you must be careful. Autoinstructors will tell you exactly which points you need to pay attention to.

  •  The first is point 14. Here you can see information about the damage to the car in an accident. It is necessary to fill this item briefly and capaciously, as well as to ensure that other participants of the accident do not add a list of damages to the accident that are not related. Information about hidden damage is indicated by expert experts.
  •  The next important point is 16. It refers to the conditions of the accident. It is necessary to monitor the correctness of the wording when describing the accident conditions.
  •  Supplement clause on the conditions of the accident item number 15. It is called “Remarks”, and all the details that can be omitted when filling out item 16 can be entered here.
  •  Item 17 is a schematic drawing of the accident. Only that which relates to the accident is noted, for example, the outlines of the carriageway, the direction of travel, road signs and signs, markings and other details affecting the nature and conditions of the accident are drawn .
  •  In paragraph 18, the accident participants shall sign the agreement on the accident scheme of paragraph 17.

After the accident form is completed, all participants must sign the front of the document. The back side is filled in by each participant individually and contains information about the cars.

In general, the document for the insurance company should not contain errors and blots.

After signing of the forms by the parties and their separation into two parts, corrections are not allowed.

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