How to behave in an accident to receive insurance payment

Each driver being a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or just a witness at least once in his life found himself in an unpleasant situation on the road. At the traffic police do not always get the time to be on the scene, so every driver needs to know how to behave in the event of an accident, to avoid problems with registration of insurance. The auto-instructors told us about the rules of behavior in an accident .

If a collision happens

The very first thing that needs to be done if a collision occurs is to put the car in a stationary state and get out of it, provided that the collision is not very serious. Then you need to turn on emergency gang and put a warning triangle. Only after that you must notify the relevant authorities of the accident .

While you are waiting for the traffic police, record the eyewitness details of the incident.

Usually, those who want to become a witness of an accident are only a few, so this should be done as soon as possible. The future decision of the court will depend on the compilation of the protocol , so you need to be very careful when drawing it up. The protocol is completed on both sides and signed by the police officer and the person who committed the offense. To contact the insurance company you need to get a copy of the accident analysis report.


In case of an accident, you must inform the insurance company as soon as possible, otherwise it may refuse to pay for insurance. Today, “ europrotocol ” has become common . But its preparation is possible only if there are no victims, and the amount of damage is less than 25 thousand rubles. But autoinstructors are not advised to draw up “evroprotokol”, as a guarantee that the damage is indeed less than 25 thousand rubles. No, and insurers do not like it when an insurance case is issued without traffic police officers .

Insurance covers only the amount of damage up to 120 thousand rubles, and if you imagine that you may encounter a car that costs as your apartment, then the difference will have to be paid to the person responsible for the accident.

For such cases, there is Insurance – additional insurance, which increases the amount of CTP. The upper limit of Insurance is not defined and works only during the period of Insurance in the same insurance cases. There is also a voluntary insurance of your property – this is a Insurance policy. The policy implies payment in the event of vehicle theft, damage and so on. If the victim has no claims against the participant of the accident, then there is the possibility of making payments without filing documents to the traffic police, which is often provided for in the Insurance contract .

Tariffs for each insurance company are different, so look for the most suitable for you. It is also better to use the services of well-known insurance companies, whose name is well-known, since a little-known company can disappear at any time along with your funds.

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If the insurance does not pay extra

If you see that the insurance company pays you insurance not in full, then you can safely go to court. Use the services of lawyers and order an independent examination . Now the law on compulsory motor TPL insurance falls under the standards of consumer protection and the court is often on the side of motorists. If the insurance company does not make a payment for a long time, then a penalty can be collected from it.

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