What do drivers think about insurence?

Recently, in an address autocitizen expressed many negative opinions and complaints. Despite all these dissatisfactions with insurers, most motorists still consider MTPL very useful, but they require reform. Driving instructors support this opinion and are confident that the reform of CTP will not do.

The wishes of car owners

Recently, a survey was conducted among motorists, which was attended by four thousand drivers who personally issued a CTP policy. Despite the well-established view that insurence is just an unnecessary tax, the majority of respondents (71%), especially inexperienced drivers who have just completed driving training , believe that auto-citizens are needed.

68% of respondents are quite satisfied with the rates of insurers. 51% have never encountered problems and difficulties in insurance companies. 62% of respondents are satisfied with how the amount of damage is calculated, and 61% with the amount of insurance payments.

However, only those who have never been involved in an accident and have not personally encountered insurers have been interviewed here .

Who is satisfied with CTP after the accident?

A completely different picture of CTP is formed when interviewing those who have ever had an accident. Among those affected in the accident, almost 30% are satisfied with the convenience and simplicity of insurance procedures, 22.5 percent – the size of insurance payments.

Among those who turned out to be guilty of an accident , 40% of respondents were satisfied with the claims settlement procedure, and 32.2% were satisfied with the amount of payments. In addition, many car enthusiasts (82%) are worried by the fact that there are too many unscrupulous companies on the market for such services.

What do drivers want from CTP?

Change the MTPL still wants the majority. And this is what ordinary motorists propose. 23% believe that it is necessary to increase insurance payments. 7% propose to cancel the accounting for wear of the car when calculating the cash payment after an accident . 5% want the policy to increase to 3 years.

4% voted for a change in the value of CTP, naturally downwards, and for the introduction of a uniform method for calculating damage. 3% believe that the procedure for calculating and paying for insurance should be made easier.

The same number of respondents believe that you need to change anything.

CTP plans

Another survey was associated with the plans of officials and insurers for changes in CTP. So, 64% of respondents know that the tariff for compulsory motor TPL insurance is going to increase. 30% of drivers are confident that this is due to the increase in accidents, an increase in payments and an increase in loss-making for insurance companies. But 27% of motorists believe that the increase in tariffs is explained by the desire for profit and the greed of insurers, because there are no real reasons to raise prices.

11% do not want to pay for the CTP insurance policy more than they pay now, and under no circumstances. And 52% are ready to raise prices, but on one condition: an increase in the amount of insurance payments.

40% of those who are ready to increase, want to choose the type of compensation, that is, only under this condition they agree to an increase in the cost of the policy.

Also, drivers propose to increase the term of the policy to 3 years, to increase the maximum payout limits for the europrotocol . But one of the most necessary amendments is to change the liability of the insurance company for violation of the terms of cash payments.

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