Car insurance getting closer

Recently, there have been some shifts and reforms in the auto insurance system. But what really improved in the “autocitizen” , and what became worse, we were told by the driving instructors .

There are fewer complaints

First of all, autoinstructors note a decrease in complaints and lawsuits against insurers . The only problem remained with the calculation of the bonus-malus, but over this there is intensive work.

Experts say with confidence that the critical situation due to the increase in motor insurance rates has been overcome. Now the reserve rate is enough, and for several years. Car owners received a lot of advantages, for example, the limits of payments for health and life increased. PCA is now taking on the obligations of insolvent or bankrupt insurance companies. That is, if the insurer leaves the market, then its customers will still receive cash payments in the event of an accident .

Specialists in the field of insurance are working to make insurance even more useful, convenient and “flexible” product. And besides fair! Thus, PCA has quite successfully implemented an IT system, thanks to which it is possible to install bonus-malus on insurance in all regions of the country.

Such an innovation will increase the proportionality and fairness of payments on motor insurance and will allow not to shift the problem of accident rate of unscrupulous motorists to disciplined ones.

Electronic policy

Another innovation is the possibility to conclude an auto insurance contract via the Internet, the so-called electronic policy. This is what should increase the availability of insurance in general. In addition, electronic policies solve two problems at once:

  •  availability of insurance in regions where there is a factor in the remoteness of the offices of insurance companies;
  •  the problem of imposing additional services.

Note that the sale of insurance policies online is widespread throughout the world.

According to the PCA, 7.5 thousand electronic policies have already been sold, and most of them are in the regions. And this means one thing: the electronic insurance fulfilled its purpose – to ensure the availability of the service. At the moment, 22 insurance companies have joined the system, 12 sales are already underway.

In the near future, the growth of the number of insurers engaged in electronic policies will increase. The Central Bank made it clear that providing such a service via the Internet is a sign of trustworthiness.

So now all insurers seek to “enter the network.”

A major breakthrough in the field of electronic policies was the day of October 1, when drivers had the opportunity to enter into CTP, even when changing the insurer. This is the main task of the e-policy, because with the prolongation of the problems there were no before.

Repair in real form

In the block of amendments to the law on auto insurance there is one more point: implementation of repair of the vehicle instead of monetary compensation. Insurance companies introduce auto repair services and negotiate with service stations . A list of employee companies are published on their official sites.

PCA, already on its website, will lay out the addresses of service stations, where repairs will be carried out at the stated cost of a standard hour.

Here the driver will be able to see the cost of spare parts, as well as shops where they can be purchased.

While the service is at the preparation stage, but very soon the representatives of the PCA will put it into operation. This approach will allow car owners to make sure that the insurance payment is adequate, as well as to choose the service station where the repair will be carried out.

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