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Very soon, insurance companies imposing additional services to their customers along with CTP will receive substantial fines . The first to pay the fine was Rosgosstrakh from Sverdlovsk. Details at autoinstructors .

Punishment for the insurer

Driving instructors remind us that more recently Rosgosstrakh’s activity has been suspended.

This happened in May of this year after an avalanche of violations identified by the Central Bank. Then the license of the insurer was suspended.

And here again violations and numerous complaints of car owners. This time, Rosgosstrakh paid 650 thousand rubles for imposing additional services on its customers who buy OSAGO.

Numerous complaints about the policy “with a load” were recorded at the end of 2013. The insurer simply denied car owners a MTPL policy , for example, without life insurance or real estate. That is, the usual auto insurance with all other policies flowed in considerable amounts. In April of the following year, the FAS established that there was a violation of the law and ordered Rosgosstrakh to pay a fine.


Remember that the requirements to insure health, life and apartment when you make a CTP are illegal. Moreover, since last year, a new fine has been introduced for insurers for such acts.

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However, how to prove the fact of imposing additional services and refusal of registration of CTP?

  •  First of all, you should show your legal literacy in a conversation with an insurance agent. You can hint that in case of refusal, you intend to write a complaint to the Central Bank (controls how insurance companies comply with the law) and the prosecutor’s office.
  •  Often, insurers say that the absence of policies is the reason for the refusal to issue an OSAGO without additional services . In this case, write a statement that you want to conclude an OSAGO contract in two copies. One remains with the insurer, on the second the agent must make a note that a statement from the client has been received. If the insurer refuses to accept the application, you can send it by registered mail.

For such a written statement, the insurance company is obliged to officially refuse to conclude an insurance contract for CTP. In this case, a reason must be given. And it, as a rule, does not happen.

What should the driver do?

If you are denied registration of CTP without additional services , then there are three ways how to buy a policy “without load”:

  1. Require a written refusal! It is unlikely that the insurer will do this, because such a refusal is contrary to the publicity of CTP, indicated in the law. So there is every chance that you enter into an “no load” insurance contract.
  2. Come for a CTP with a witness. In case of refusal and imposition of services, explain that you already have a witness for the trial.
  3. Send a request for registration of CTP by mail. In this case, the insurer has no right to refuse . By the way, this method was proposed by the Ministry of Finance in 2014, and it has already helped many car owners. But there are two problems here:
  •  the term of the insurer’s response in this case is 30 days;
  •  You must receive a notification that the insurance company received your letter.

Now the State Duma is considering a number of amendments to the law on auto insurance, which is likely to solve the problem of the “absence of policies”.

And insurers will not be able to impose various types of insurance along with CTP. For now, we suggest using the above methods and not forgetting that the law is on the side of motorists.

Have a good and safe driving!

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