Increase in insurance payments

In December, the Russian government introduced a number of amendments to the law on insurance , which are still hotly debated in the State Duma and among ordinary drivers, avtoistruktor and other workers in the field of motor transport. What new offer deputies?

How much insurance payments will increase?

The bill stipulates that payments on insurance will be higher, in particular up to 400 thousand rubles for damage to property and up to 500 thousand for health and life. Recall that recently, the maximum possible insurance payment for damage to a vehicle was only 120 thousand for each victim. In addition, the following changes were signed: when changing cars, insurance should be calculated taking into account penalty factors and benefits for, so to speak, trouble-free driving.

The amendments proposed to increase the amount of payments on the so-called europrotocol. Europrotocol is made by participants in an accident without traffic police officers, but on condition that the damage is less than 50,000 (now it is 25,000). This is a fairly common practice, for example, in case of accidents that occurred during driving instruction .

According to deputies, for such regions as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad Oblast, there should be no restrictions on payments for the Europrotocol.

The list of persons who are entitled to apply for monetary compensation in the event of the death of the victim is also expanded. It is supposed to introduce a new settlement system with persons injured in an accident . For this or that injury, insurers will be required to pay a strictly fixed amount. For example, the payment for concussion will be 20,000, for a broken arm – 12,000.

How innovations will be reflected in the wallet of motorists

It would seem that everything is fine, but the cost of the CTP policy will also increase by 25 or even 50%. Insurers claim that this is a mandatory measure, and they are guided only by economic considerations.

Insurance companies declare that tariffs for CTP insurance policy have remained at the same level since 2003, although inflation alone is currently over 200%.

Experts believe that such amendments will have a negative impact on motorists. For example, in some regions, insurance companies may disappear altogether, which is already common. For vehicle owners, this threatens to narrow the choice of the insurer or even its complete disappearance. And this in turn will increase the burden on PCA funds and will affect the quality of services. That is why, according to specialists, it is necessary to introduce adjustments in the field of OSAGO carefully and slowly, based not on socio-political, but on economic premises.

Opinion insurers

Insurers believe that today requires a promising settlement of the issue of tariffs and insurance payments by the state. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the interests of not only consumers, but also the insurance companies themselves. According to experts, this may be the legislative consolidation of rules and regulations on the liberalization of tariffs and the definition of damage; the introduction of the “tariff corridor” or the development of a minimum tariff for CTP.

Opinion motorists

But motorists believe that policies are not invented so that insurance companies could get rich, but for the economic interest of drivers to increase safety on the road .

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